About Us

Welcome to "RIMA".
Many clients still remember the first beginning years of "RIMA" since 1989 when it was located in Al-Manahij Street in Al-Nahdah District with a size not more than (300) square meters. After seventeen progressive years, and on September 2007 (Ramadan 1428) we moved to a new location in King Road. On that date, RIMA Center was opened with seven floors and a size of more than (3,000) square meters.
The building of RIMA Center contains two major groups of services:- a Beauty Salon and a SPA. The number of various services offered in the Center exceeds (467) services covering all needs in the field of beauty, hair, SPA, nail care, and facial and body treatments for all ages and for all occasions. The services are provided in an atmosphere of elegance and distinguished warmth that uplift your feeling of vigorousness and your faith in your looks. Your friends will certainly be impressed and look at you with admiration.